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Autoresponder AccountAs we move along in this process the amount of reading you do on each day will decrease as we want you focusing all your efforts on taking action! That is going to be the key to you winning and growing your email list during these 30 days! In this section let’s explore the process of setting up your autoresponder.

If you already have an autoresponder account you are happy with, then you can skip this step and move to Day #3 either now or tomorrow!

This step is a little more technical, but simple enough that anyone can complete it!

One must have the software tool (an autoresponder account) you need for building an email list and that is an autoresponder. This will act as your database for storing your email addresses, help automate your list building, give you the necessary opt-in forms needed to grow your list, and allow you to gain new email subscribers.

There are many autoresponders online, but I am going to share with you just one that we like to use and it is one of the most widely used autoresponders for online businesses.

Please do not allow yourself to get too hung up here or worried about picking the perfect autoresponder for you! The most important thing is that you choose an autoresponder! There are many companies out there who offer these types of service. It comes down to pricing and a comfort level.

You can visit each one and get an idea on pricing. The pricing is typically different from one company to the next. I will say from a feature standpoint, Mailchimp offers a great feature list and ease of use. Many small businesses rarely move past the 2000 subscriber mark so it is a great place to start without any incurred cost.

For this step, you need to choose an autoresponder of choice, and then follow the steps on their website to create your first list that goes along with your lead magnet. So, if your lead magnet is a report on top 6 ways to lose weight fast you could call your list something like top6reportloseweight or something similar.

To complete this step of setting up your first list visit Mailchimp or another autoresponder mail list company and create an account. You need to setup your account with them and then setup your email list!

MailChimp Help Section – Autoresponder Account

MailChimp is made popular because they offer your first 2,000 email subscribers free. You do need to double check their pricing model because once you get over the 2,000 subscribers you start paying a pretty penny potentially. So just be sure to compare pricing with other autoresponder services if this is not for you.

Also, of these 2,000 free subscribers you have a limit on sending 10,000 emails per month or 2000 per day. So that limits how many messages you can send.

If you do find them to be a good fit for you, then you can check out their tutorials from here:

Day #2 Assignment:

The assignment for day #2 is to choose your autoresponder of choice! If you already have an autoresponder you can skip to day #3! Just go with the autoresponder you are most comfortable with. Again, do not get stuck on this step. If you are at a loss go with Mailchimp as to me they are the easiest one to work with when starting out.

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