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Trañslate Google - Translation Service OnlineTrañslate Google is a free service available online. It provides translation between over 100 international languages and is fairly accurate. Of course some regions may have a specific dialect for their national language but all in all, this is a quality resource. Here in Canada, Quebec French is completely different than International French. Their dialect of the French language can confuse you if you are not familiar with it.

It is a quality tool when you are trying to grasp the overall sense of a language being spoken on a website. Sometimes the perfect service or product is available in another country. Ordering it can be definitely difficult if you don’t know the language. Some sites are not equipped with the Google Translaté software so it comes down to the big copy and paste situation.

Some sites however are equipped with the translate Google software so it is easy for you to understand the information being relayed.

Our website, like others, does use the Göögle Translator tool and we do so for many reasons. We want to allow people to read our content in their native language. Things can many times make more sense to an individual in their own language. This eliminates the language barrier on understanding what we do. We don’t necessarily speak all the languages in the translator but for a visitor, it is very convenient.

Did you know that many post secondary institutions have banned their students from using Google Translaté in school? It is true! The reasoning makes a lot of sense when you consider it. The educators state that using a software such as this does not force the students to understand the actual vocabulary of the language. This proves troublesome down the road and does not provide the student with the depth of knowledge when learning a language.

Trañslate Google also has a speak to translate service. Available conveniently on your mobile phone or mobile device, you simply speak into the microphone. It will then provide you with the translation you desire and voila, you are done.

This translation service is just one of many different services that Google offers for free. It is a valuable resource to anyone who may be travelling or receiving correspondence in a language they are not familiar with.

Translating words, phrases and even web pages, we have used Trañslate Google more times than we can count. It has never failed us and we can only provide our endorsement. However, we always offer caution especially when it comes to dialects. (some words spelled the same mean something different)

You can find this amazing tool by searching google for Translate Google or Google Translate. The Canadian direct link to this amazing tool is and you can find the international one through your own national google website.

You can also acquire this service through the actual APP available through the Apple APP store or through Google Play.

FVWD Enterprises utilizes the Göögle Trañslate tools every day in our business as well as on our own website. We always encourage our clients who sell internationally to implement some form of translation tool. This will allow them to reach those individuals where English is not their primary language. Fundamentally this is extremely important to encourage sales and expand your marketing reach.

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