How to Build a Customer Relationship Marketing Database

Relationship Marketing DatabaseMarketing Database; Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is a powerful tool that many marketers are still overlooking today. It can make you more business marketing strategy more efficient and substantially increase your marketing efforts.

If a business associate asked you how many customers you had in your local area, could you tell them with confidence? If you were asked how many potential sales leads you might have, would you know this statistic also?

When using a CRM system, it is important to divide your client data base into segments or regions. If you fail to do so, everyone is going to get the same message it will most likely show a low response result. Even worse it could annoy potential customers who may have been potential leads and have them remove themselves from your mailing list. How do you build a stronger client database that will provide you the potential to improve your marketing results?

  1. Keep a Close Eye on Your Quality of Data – Marketing Database

Looking at the core of your marketing, to be effective you need to have great quality data. You need to research and record as much information on an individual from a company or as you can. Two quality resources to acquire this research are Google and LinkedIn. Both provide a ton of information about companies and individuals just by searching. If the information is available publicly, you can bet it can be found on Google.

There are also business directories, local and national, that can be of assistance when researching. The minimum information you will need is their Individuals Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and persons Title at the company. Some additional supporting information you may want to add to your database research is company address and special activities or interests that the person may have. This comes is handy when direct marketing down the road. All this information should be added to the database.

  1. Be Sure to Maintain a Quality and Complete Database – Marketing Database

When we look at a quality and complete database, it is important to make sure that you maintain it by simply updating information in it regularly. This could be the job of the marketing department, but, we believe that any department should have access to the database. Other departments should be able to update information pertinent to their department and individual clients. As an example, a customer may phone in with a complaint. Notes for this should be completed by a client care representative and not marketing. Each communication with a client should be recorded in the database to be able to reference it later.

  1. Have the Ability to Target Specifics – Marketing Database

When you have built your database, you should be able to target individuals with specific criteria. Sometimes, we run campaigns that may be more directed to a customer service manager. In this case, your database should allow you to sort and identify everyone who possesses that title. Saving time by being able to sort is very important when you create a campaign. Focus should be on the campaign itself, and not the targeted individuals.

Everyone who has access to the database should be sure that all fields within it are completed as much as possible. They say that knowledge is power and it could not be more right when building your customer relation marketing database.

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