Business Startup – Website Financing Solution

Are you about to have a business startup? Need a website? Well check out the information below about our business startup website financing program.

We believe in building up small and medium sized business. So much so we are willing to offer this amazing program. With dozens of businesses on our financing program at any given time, this may just be the solution for you and your business startup project!

FVWD Enterprises Website Financing Program

Business StartupIs This For You?

You are looking to start a new business and have a business plan.

You do NOT have a registered domain yet.

You do NOT have an existing website.

Your start up costs are higher than what you thought and you need a little flexibility.

You Can’t Afford to Get a Website Professionally Built BUT You Know You Need To?

Then Check This Out!

We understand that new businesses even with investors, can find it challenging to afford a website at start up. We work on the basic principle that small business people are genuinely interested in doing ethical business and are willing to commit to our program for one year.

A website can cost a lot of upfront money that a new small business owner simply does not have, and because of this, may sacrifice having a website. The entity we call a website is required in today’s marketplace to survive and get a quality jump on the marketing. We recognize this; and provide to new businesses with a quality business plan the opportunity to start off on the right foot. A website is an essential tool in today’s global marketplace.

So What Can You Do for Your Business Startup?    FINANCE IT!

We are not a Bank or a Finance Company.

The FVWD Enterprises Website Financing Program offers NO INTEREST and NO FINANCING CHARGES

How Our Program Works:

  1. We evaluate your business and decide if it is a website we want to build. NO obligations on either side.
  2. If we decide to move forward and help you achieve your goals, WE will register a domain with your definitive input and acquire a hosting plan, both under the control of FVWD Enterprises. Both hosting and domain expenses are yours at the beginning of the term.
  3. We build you a productive, effective, functional quality website.
  4. Payments are based on 12 equal monthly payments, with the first payment being a 50% deposit, due upon signing of contract in addition to the hosting and domain fees. Once the remaining 11 monthly payments have been paid and processed, we transfer the domain, hosting and website to you and under your complete control.

IMPORTANT: For e-commerce, custom, and larger websites, we may require a larger deposit based on the size of the project but we are still open to offering financing for your project. All projects will be evaluated prior to contractual obligations.

Why Do We Do This – Business Startup

We are big believers in Small Business and our owner understands the pain and struggles entrepreneurs can experience when starting up a business. Providing a helping hand with getting you off the ground and running helps everyone. It helps you, the local community, and the economy.

Our owner also believes that when someone has a great idea and needs to share it, this should not be the most challenging thing in life. So many ideas and dreams have never been realized simply because someone didn’t have a helping hand; like the financing we offer. Consider our offer if you meet the conditions above. Let us work together!

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